As I watch the slideshow and listen to our wedding song, look- ing through the most fabulous night of our lives, the tears are flowing and I can’t believe so many incredible moments were captured, without us even knowing you were snapping away – straight ninja. The love we have for you Dave goes beyond words and our wedding night will forever be ingrained in our hearts... and on our coffee table! We can’t wait to show the world (or maybe just our friends and family for now) our album and this post. LOVE LOVE LOVE YOU!
— Liza + Win
You are the freaking best photographer ever. The entire time we watched it, we kept saying over and over, “wow, we are so lucky he was ours.” How do you do it?! I get tears every time I look at your work. I feel like I know the people you photograph even though they are complete strangers. And then when I look at the pictures of Campbell (cutest flower girl ever) or my Poppy, my heart melts. You captured the true emotions of our day and I can’t thank you enough. Now, don’t even think about leaving us for LA or NY or something. We need to keep you here so you can shoot the next 10 big milestones in our life!
— Alisha + Jeff
Seriously, every time I look at these I get all teary in the eyes. You are so incredible at what you do, and looking at these images is like a trip back to that day, which went by far too quickly. It’s all the little details that we missed, and the ones that we wanted to remember forever, all rolled into one. It was an amazing, magical day, and you captured it flawlessly. We simply cannot thank you enough for everything. YOU rock!
— Connie + Bryan
What an amazing artist you are. You made us feel so comfortable, respected our ideas and truly captured so many special, once-in-a-lifetime moments. These photos are the greatest gift anyone could give. We will cherish them always.
— Courtney + Tim
I am so happy to be reliving this wonderful weekend. You captured Liza and Win so beautifully – yet at the same time – so “them”. Their happiness is spread all over every picture – every tear – every smile – every twinkle in their eyes! You worked magic and I can’t wait to see more...Thank you so much for your unbelievable talent of seeing what you see – through the lens! And thank you for the wonderful memories of my daughter’s wedding.
— Mrs. T
Everytime I look at these pictures, (which has been quite often) I am moved to tears of joy! David, after meeting you, I realized that you were the perfect photographer for this incredible day. You were able to capture all the precious, most poignant moments of the day. In all your shots, I never felt you were interfering or in the way. As mother of the groom, I cannot thank you enough for giving us the opportunity to experience the day again and again through these exquisite photos.
— Mary Ann S
The pictures are FABULOUS!! (But you already knew I would say that didn’t you, David?) Your personality was exactly the type of thing that was needed for any Maid of Honor on such a busy day to remind me to stop, slow down, and laugh at the craziness that can only come from a double wedding! Thanks so much for an amazing day—your humor was much appreciated!
— SP
These pictures are simply stunning. They are so candid and so real, and just capture the day as it happened, rather than just poses. One of the neatest things to me is how you caught so many raw emotions and intimate moments, yet you were never ‘in the way’ or even noticed while you were doing it. That’s a sure sign of a great photographer - and these pictures more than prove it.
— AS