Erin + Waiel at Turbine Hall with the Philly8

One of the most common questions I get asked is “do you ever get bored with weddings?” The answer is always the same – absolutely not. Besides the fact that each wedding is a unique reflection of the couple, I always to push myself creatively. In addition to consistently delivering high quality work, I often try new techniques, new ideas, and new ways of seeing. Erin + Waiel’s wedding was a perfect opportunity to try out some new ideas. Waiel is the Director of Events at Turbine Hall– a new and extremely unique venue located in Chester. It was the perfect venue for them to tie the knot, and the fact that Waiel knew all the right people made it an obvious choice.

Such a unique venue calls for a unique photographic approach. Always willing to push his own creative boundaries, Waiel thought it would be a good idea to propose having the Philly8 photograph the wedding with me as the lead photographer and the others as secondary photographers. After discussing it with the group we thought it was a perfect chance to work together and push ourselves both individually and as a group. MarkErikCraig, and Julian happened to be available and we combined forces to document their special day.

In addition to our normal photographic coverage, we decided to try out some new ideas. One of the ideas was to do a stop-motion video of the day. Mark and I discussed the logistics and decided that he would set up and operate the camera and I would do the editing and post production. This was an experiment and a surprise for Erin + Waiel. I have to say I’m rather pleased with the results!

Thanks to Erin, Waiel, and my fellow Philly8 members for making this such a memorable day!