Shiny new toys

Today I'm happy to announce the brand new web presence of David Zaveloff Photography!

This the 4th redesign of my site since 2007. Our world has changed drastically since then. When my first site launched, the iPhone hadn't even been announced yet (it was a dark time). The mobile web was a painful joke and the thought of designing a mobile website - full of images - was something that wasn't even contemplated. Mobile devices now comprise a huge portion of web traffic, and my site is no exception. Can you imagine not having the Internet in your pocket anymore? I can't.

This redesign was done from the ground up with our changing lifestyles in mind. It's completely optimized for the slew of phones, tablets, laptops, and desktops we use today. Most importantly, it puts images first. That's why you're here.

Take a look around. Say hi. Enjoy the years and years of incredible weddings in the Journal. Those weddings deserve a nice new home. I think this is it.

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