Liza + Win's Peche at Sherman Mills Wedding

One of the ancillary skills that my profession requires is to be able to quickly judge character. It's something that I've gotten pretty good at, and I'm fortunate in that I'm rarely wrong. My finely honed instincts told me within 30 seconds that I would adore Liza + Win. I just didn't realize how true that feeling was.

Maybe it's because they got married at Peche at Sherman Mills, and at the time of our meeting I lived, literally, upstairs from this unique venue. It might be because they chose the incredible (seriously. I would hire them for my own wedding) Roots & Groove to DJ their reception. Or because my pal Beke Beau did the makeup. Or the amazing cupcakes from Brown Betty. Or the beautiful, sustainable flowers from Love n' Fresh. Or maybe it's just because they are really awesome, down to earth, caring, fun, interesting, honest people. Or it's because they really like my dog.

Whatever it was, I'm truly lucky to know them.