One Atlantic Wedding | Carly + Brad

I've been delaying this blog post for a little while. The truth is, I didn't know what to write. I could go on about how amazing their One Atlantic wedding was and how perfect that day was. That's all true. I just don't think I can capture in words just how amazing Carly + Brad are.

Just look at the photos. Their love is so apparent. Carly's exuberance is palpable. Brad's (a fellow wedding photographer I should add) adoration is so obvious. There's not enough adjectives to describe their sheer joy.

My rhetorical skills lag my photographic skills, so just look at the photos.

The amazing team at One Atlantic were the perfect hosts, and Miami from EBE Entertainment kept the dance floor packed. There was even a beached ship that made an appearance. Really, how many weddings can say that?

I love my job.