Nicole + Steve’s Olde Mill Inn Wedding

2010 must be the year of Old(e) Mill weddings. Nicole + Steve’s wedding was at the Olde Mill Inn, not to be confused with the Old Mill Inn from Margaret + Vince’s wedding. One is in northern nj, and one is in a southern suburb of Philadelphia. Both are great. I first met Nicole a couple of years ago at the wedding of Heather + Len. I’ve learned over the years that good people tend to attract other good people. That would explain why Heather and Nicole were such good friends. They are very different in many ways, but they are both so kind and warm-hearted that you understand immediately why they are friends.

Steve also has that overall goodness. Spend a few seconds with him and you immediately sense his integrity. And what more would you expect from someone who has served his country so honorably?

Thanks to Nicole + Steve for letting me be part of their day!