Natalie + Edan's Nauvoo Club Wedding

Any couple with two dogs that outweigh them (and require the ownership of an SUV) are my kind of people. Natalie + Edan booked me sight unseen. It wasnt until their engagement session that we first met in person. And what a meeting it was. I was taken aback by their amazing, massive(ly) cool dogs, Harvey + Heidi. Harvey tips the scales at nearly 200 pounds, and, along with being a therapy dog, is the most gentle giant I've ever met. With both dogs the size of a small horse, we attracted a lot of attention.

They say dogs reflect their owners, and Natalie + Edan turned out to be just as wonderful (if not as large and furry) as Harvey + Heidi. Their warmth, kindness, and love for each other is evident after spending a minute with them.

Their wedding at Nauvoo Grill Club near Red Bank, NJ was a true reflection of them - honest, fun, special, and a constant reminder that friends and family are what matter most.