Christine + Mike’s Wedding at Manufacturer’s Country Club

I knew Christine + Mike would be a lot of fun when they jumped in the fountain in their clothes. We did their engagement session around the Art Museum on a sweltering day last summer. They had a natural chemistry that is palpable and we had a lot of fun, despite the heat. Towards the end of the shoot, I jokingly said they should jump in the fountain. I never thought they would, given it was rush hour, they had to drive home to Maryland, they were wearing nice clothes, were half a mile from their car, and had no towels. I was wrong. It might have been the heat, but I think it was the playful spontaneity and willingness to just have fun with each other that got them to do it.

That ability to just enjoy each other translated over to their wedding day. It was a beautiful day and Manufacturer’s Golf and Country Club was a great venue and Purple Reign kept the party going well into the night. Even though nobody jumped into a fountain, the day was as fun and as real as I hoped it would.