Chamonix + Jim’s Manhattan Penthouse Wedding

Jim and I go way back. In a previous life we worked together designing Swiss Army stuff. He’s a tremendous artist and illustrator (seriously) and has an uncanny ability to find the best food within a  500 yard radius of wherever he is. It’s his gift and his curse. Jim’s a pretty laid back guy and it takes a lot to get him to show  extremes of emotion. Chamonix is one of this things that just causes him  to explode from his zen-like state into that of a giddy schoolgirl. It  was obvious whenever he talked about her that he loved her more than  just about anything.

And who could blame him. Chamonix is the personification of that  amazing dress – beautiful, elegant, unique, a little offbeat, and  completely awesome.

Their day was the personification of the two of them – photos in various parts of New York City, a wonderfully intimate venue, and the most amazing cookies I’ve ever had in my life (and trust me when I say I’m a connoisseur). I  was thrilled and honored to be there and couldnt be happier for them.