Lynsay + Mike // Springfield Country Club Wedding

I have a plot for a book. In this book, a girl named Lynsay is married to a boy named Brad. They have one kid and another on the way when Brad is tragically, awfully, infuriatingly killed while working as a police officer.

The next part of the book is as hard and difficult as you'd imagine. Lynsay is strong. Stronger than she probably realized. Stronger than anyone should ever need to be.

But then.... Lynsay and Mike meet. Mike's a police officer too. They get to know each other. Mike is a man of true character and many muscles. They fall in love. Mike and Lynsay make a life together with two kids and more dogs than I can keep track of. Brad and his family are very much a part of that life.

They decide it's the real deal. Mike is traditional and asks for Lynsay's father's blessing. Mike is a man of honor and also asks for Brad's father's blessing.

These 2 incredible people and 3 amazing families get married on a gray rainy day at Springfield Country Club. Some people might be bothered by the rain, but not Lynsay and Mike. They know what's really important.

I haven't finished the book yet, but I'm hoping the next chapters are filled with decades of laughter and love.