Exciting Changes

I'm constantly on the lookout for ways to make my clients' experience better. Today I'm pleased to announce another improvement in that experience - a new online gallery and cart system. This new system has a lot of advantages - it's MUCH faster, compatible with phones/tablets, has dynamic image sizing (the bigger your screen, the bigger the image can be), allows the selling of digital products, has better social networking integration, and best of all...significantly lower print prices.

All clients from 2008 to now have been transitioned to the new system. To access a gallery, go to http://galleries.davidzaveloff.com/clients.html. The access code is typically the brides first name and groom's first name. For example, the access code for the wedding of Jane Smith and John Doe would be janejohn (all lowercase). The gallery password will be the bride's last name at the time she was married; smith in this case (also all lowercase). If that doesnt work, email me at info [at] davidzaveloff.com and I'll send you a direct link.

All of the links in your client/slideshow pages have also been updated.

Another advantage of these new galleries - they don't expire! Your images will be online indefinitely (but like anything web realted, you shouldnt see this as permanent).

If you have the current gallery bookmarked, that's fine. Those links will continue to work until the gallery expires.

As part of the 'grand opening' of this new system, I'm happy to offer everyone 20% off any and all products. Just use the code WOOHOO at checkout. This offer expires on August 27, 2012, so don't wait.

As always, if you have any questions, comments, or concerns, please feel free to contact me.