Angela + Matt’s Wedding at Edgmont Country Club

Anybody that knows me is aware of my deep respect for a photograph’s ability to convey meaning and emotion. A photo is a sliver of time captured and preserved for the ages. It can show love, sadness, joy, sorrow, and just about every other emotion we as a species can muster. It can be a window into the soul and a spotlight on all that is good (and bad) in our world. It’s this depth of meaning and permanence that drives me to do what I do. However, sometimes photographs can fall a little short in capturing the true inner beauty of people. They can capture the external beauty and provide a glimpse into the soul, but when it comes to fully understanding a person, the medium is inherently limited (and that’s a good thing!). This is the problem I faced with Angela + Matt.

You see, no amount of photos (and I like to think mine are pretty good) can really show you what deeply wonderful people Angela + Matt are. There’s also a lack of adjectives in the English language that can really describe them. To put it simply – they rock, and I’m honored to know them.

Their wedding took place at Edgmont Country Club on a beautiful Saturday a couple weeks ago. It was a day befitting them as a couple.