Amy + Eric's Carrigan Farms Wedding

I first met Amy when I was in Botswana visiting my sister in the Peace Corps. If you don't know anyone in the Peace Corps, you should change that. In my limited experience, it takes a special, patient, capable, resilient, tolerant (especially of heat), strong person to do something like that. Amy is a perfect example. She contacted me when she and Eric got engaged, hired me (from Botswana), and that was that. She had told me that her wedding was going to be on a farm in North Carolina. Using her words - "It's going to be at a farm, very low key, in a big field." Amy has a penchant for understatement. It wasn't until I got there that I realized that this 'farm' was, in fact, one of the most jaw-dropping outdoor venues I've been to. The 'field' she mentioned was in a quarry, next to a lake. Oh, and the farm also grew most of the food for the wedding. Yeah, understatement.

What I also couldn't discern until I was there was how perfect Amy + Eric are for each other. Their wedding was about what all wedding should be about - friends, family, and a happy couple starting their lives together. The incredible venue was just the icing on the cake.

The slideshow below starts with their rehearsal and progresses through their beautiful wedding.

Thanks to Carrigan Farms for the great scenery and food, and to Priscilla from Orangerie Events for her tireless coordination and planning. Most importantly, thank you Amy + Eric for letting me document your day.