Azul Sensatori Wedding // Jacqueline + Sean

I have a pretty awesome job. No question. I get to spend time with people on a hugely important day. I get to see people at their most happy and their most vulnerable. I get to create a set of work that will (hopefully) be cherished for generations. And sometimes I get to travel abroad to do all of that.

There's a misconception that destination weddings are easy to plan and that the biggest draw is the location. Both of those things may be true to some extant, but to me the most valuable thing about them is that the couple has all of their most important people in the same place, for an extended time, and those people are free to enjoy themselves and be present with the couple on their day.

Jacqueline + Sean's wedding at Azul Sensatori in Mexico perfectly illustrated that it's the people that matter most. They chose a fantastic location, spent time with ~130 of their closest people, and it didn't matter one bit that it rained almost the entire time. You could see in all of their faces the joy and happiness that Jacqueline and Sean exuded.

Yeah, I have a pretty awesome job.