Deana + Matt’s Aldie Mansion Wedding

Deana + Matt had a truly special day. Here are just a few of the highlights: - It started off raining heavily, but the rain cleared just enough to get some outdoor photos

- During Deana’s dance with her dad, a spontaneous and overwhelmingly touching moment happened when all of the fathers and daughters present (and there were a lot of them) joined Deana and her dad on the dance floor. The same thing happened when all of the mothers and sons joined Matt and his mom during their dance

- The incomparable Mark Kingsdorf from Queen of Hearts Wedding Consultants had the day go as smoothly as possible

- The team from Aldie Mansion and Jeffrey Miller Catering were excellent as always and had the reception running like a finely tuned machine

p.s. For those photo nerds out there – the square shot of Deana + Matt in the church was made with 85 separate exposures stitched together in an attempt to create the depth of field and overall feel of a medium format film camera