Hadar + Andrew // Bear Creek Mountain Resort Wedding

I've been staring at my screen rewriting this post for the last hour. The truth is that I'm lucky I'm a better photographer than writer because I don't think I can describe about how amazing Hadar + Andrew are better than my photos can tell the story. They both posses a strength and quiet confidence I admire greatly. They're both incredibly hard workers. And they are so, so in love.

Their Bear Creek Mountain Resort wedding was one I was so honored to document. I've always said that I care far more about the people I'm photographing than the background, but a background like Bear Creek certainly makes my job easier.

Hadar + Andrew - thank you so much for letting me document your day and most importantly, for being you.

Mary + Youssef // Winterthur Wedding

I was at a coffee shop today preparing images for this post when a couple tapped me on the shoulder because they saw the images and wanted to know more. After some conversation - she’s a model and he’s a classical pianist - they asked me what it was about weddings that I like most. I just gestured at the photo of Youssef + Mary that was on my screen. That was my short answer.

The longer answer is because I get to meet people like Youssef and Mary. I get to be there on this momentous day in their lives - a day they’ve planned for so long, a day they’ve thought about before they even met each other. I get to document this microcosm of human experience and see the relationships with their most special people that define them.

And I get to have fun with them in the rain because rain (so much rain!) is just background music to this story, the story of their lives that were rich and fulfilling yet somehow unfinished until they met.

I get to be awed by Mary’s incredible intellect, kindness, and sarcastic side-eye. I get to be blown away by Youssef’s analytical mind, love of fine wines, and unflappability (along with his love of J.Crew).

There’s also things like getting to do all this at Winterthur with incredible professionals like Erin and her team from Proud to Plan whose copious binders and ability to pull off the seemingly impossible are the stuff of legend. And I also get to work with gifted storytellers like Ron and his team from RL Media Production.

That’s some of the stuff I like about weddings. It’s mainly people like Mary + Youssef.

Special thanks to Nick at Artistic Imagery for trusting me fully with this cherished couple.

Meghan + Jeff // College of Physicians Wedding

I knew within 2 minutes of meeting Meghan and Jeff that we would get along splendidly. We met at an ice cream shop and it’s well known that ice cream makes everything awesome. Then we found out that we have a distant familial connection revolving around bagels. Then we discovered a shared love of all of the best nerdy things. So yeah, they’re definitely my people.

Their College of Physicians Wedding was a reflection of them - focused on their connection, calm in the face of adversity, classically elegant with a hint of nerdiness, and deeply appreciative of donuts.

Like I said - my people.

Kari + Jon // Hollyhedge Estate Wedding

How do you know you're marrying the right person? I think that's something a lot of people have asked themselves.

Here's one way to know - you wear the wrong pants to see your future wife for the first time on your wedding day, and after the initial happiness of seeing each other wears off, she just laughs at you while shaking her head.

Other signs of right-person-ness: a day filled with the people you love, lots of laughs, an awesome place like Holly Hedge, and the feeling of inevitability, like of course this HAS to happen.

Kari + Jon had all of that at their wedding. Especially the pants.