Where are you based?

Philadelphia, PA

What kind of weddings do you shoot?

I photograph all people in love. Your connection is so much more important to me than your venue, race, gender, or details. Love trumps mason jars.

What's your style?

I'd call myself a documentarian. It's my job to create a historical document of your day, not try to plug you into some preconceived formula of trendy wedding photography.

Do you do formals?

Of course! for the vast majority of the day I am completely hands off (the term ninja gets mentioned by a lot of my clients), but during the formals I loosely direct the action. My goal is to make them as painless as possible and get you back to enjoying your weddiing.

What's the booking process like?

Quick and painless. After we meet (either in person or via skype), the entire booking process is completed online.

when will my photos be ready?

Your images and album design are usually available for viewing within 6 weeks of your wedding.

Do you have an assistant?

I often bring an assistant to help with essential tasks like lighting, carrying bags, and getting me coffee.

What's the album process like?

The album design is the first thing you see from me after the wedding (digitally). My goal is to make the process as painless as possible, so I do a layout that I feel tells the story of your day in the best way possible. I ignore the image count when doing the layout. You then have the option of purchasing the extra images, cutting them, rearranging, or doing whatever you'd like. Like I said, my goal to make it as easy as possible and the overwhelming consensus from my clients is that this method is far better than having you choose all the images.